Taber Public Library

Budgeting 101 Video Conference

Nov 22, 2017  |  Wednesday; 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm


Learn the 6 steps to budgeting to help you take control of your finances.

Budgeting has gotten a bad reputation as something that is restrictive, boring and doesn’t work.

Actually, a budget is simply a plan for your money based on your priorities and goals. Have you ever wondered why some people are so good with their money and others aren’t? Likely someone taught them how to manage their money so they can create the life they want. Most of us weren’t born knowing how to intuitively manage our money, our parents likely didn’t discuss money let alone teach us, and it wasn’t part of the curriculum when we were in school, so we learn by the school of hard knocks.

However, here’s the good news - budgeting is skill set that anyone can learn! The better news is that we have broken down budgeting into six easy steps.

In the Budgeting 101 workshop, you will learn how to:

  • Set SMART financial goals
  • Understand the components of a budget
  • Track your expenses and identify areas of change
  • Plan and pay for irregular expenses
  • Create and manage savings for goals like emergency savings and fun things
  • Create a paycheque plan

Presented from Airdrie Public Library
by Mark Kalinowski, Financial Educator
Credit Counselling Society